Cooper turns 7! ~ by Jacki G. Photography


My sweet baby boy turned 7 yrs old on Jan. 19th.  It probably seemed like forever, but to me the past seven years have flown by. I remember the night you were born,  knowing you were my last baby and that chapter in my life will now close.  Watching you grow and mature into a sweet, funny, jokester is a great gift.  The baby, toddler, preschool stages are all in the are now school age. You have your own friends and love basketball, playing on the computer, xbox, and collecting rare coins.  Your favorite food is just about anything. LOL   You are still my cuddly boy.  You love to give hugs and are very affectionate.  I know one day you will not want to hug your mom in public but for now I will cherish these moments.   I hope you had a great birthday and I love you.