Favorites for the month of May & June| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photography

I wanted to take a minute and just say how absolutely grateful I am to wake up everyday to a career I am wholeheartedly in love with!  This job can definitely be exhausting, chasing toddlers, making all kinds of crazy noises to get a smile and posing babies who don't want to be posed.  It can be hot, sweaty, emotional, frustrating and overwhelming but i never tire of it.  It's mostly just hot and sweaty!  I never get sick of seeing the cutest baby butts, the longest lashes, cooing and giggles.  I never tire of capturing the most ADORABLE images of baby and swaddling.  I never get sick of the look on my clients faces when i show them the smile on their new baby's little face.  I never tire of hearing how much they adore their images and how they loved watching me pose their precious one.  I love the way babies smell, the sounds they make and their facial expressions.  I love when they sleep,  I love when they're awake and i love the images of a pouty, crying face.  Most of all, I love the face that people are choosing ME to capture such a special milestone in their lives.  That is the biggest compliment. 

Here are some recent favorites of mine from May and June.