Newborn Veronica| Richmond, VA | Family & Newborn Photographer| Jacki G. Photography

This little sleeping beauty is Veronica and she is brand new around here!  She was such a great sleeper for her session and then when it came time to take the last few photos, she woke up but gave me the sweetest smile.  Her doggy brother was so sweet with her.


Maternity Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photography| Jacki G. Photography

I loved the simplicity in this maternity session.  Natural maternity photography is my favorite,  you really don't need to dress up the beauty of pregnancy portraits!  I've been so fortunate to have such great clients who I am able to follow as their family grows.  I first met this mama about five years ago for her maternity session with baby #1.  For her first maternity session we went outdoors for a nature setting at University of Richmond,   this time with baby #3 we decided to travel to Carytown for something a little different. 


Fresh48 & Newborn Session| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photographer

I met the cutest baby boy with the sweetest parents a few weeks ago.   Sweet baby W.  was born right after Thanksgiving.  I arrived at the hospital for his fresh 48 session.  When i walked in the room i was not only greeted by his elated parents but also members of his very proud extended family.   I loved  getting to meet so many of  the people that love him so much all at once. 

Then a few days after his Fresh 48 session,  I photographed his newborn session at his home which is very convenient for his family so they don't have to leave their house.    He was just the perfect model for his newborn session. 


Fresh 48 session| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA | Newborn & Family Photographer

I'm a certified birth doula who transitioned into a full time newborn/ family photographer.  I love births and i love new babies.  I  have been wanting to photograph a newborn within the first few days of their arrival in the hospital setting for so long! I've now photographed over 20 births, but a Fresh 48 session is different because I arrive after baby is born, usually a day or two afterwards, and don't capture any of the labor or birth. The benefit of this is that new parents get to remember those early days through these images, without the sometimes scary idea of having a photographer actually attend your birth. I know that turns lots of dads - and moms - off, so this is a great compromise. Mom gets to ensure that she looks the way she wants for this session, the lighting is more predictable since it's not usually at night, and there's no bodily fluids involved in the final product!

I love birth photography so much, but I loved capturing this special time almost just as much! Here are some of my most favorite photos from meeting Y. for the first time.


Welcome to the world I. 17 days new| Jacki G. Photography| Newborn & Family Photography| Richmond, VA

Beautiful Newborn baby girl!  She was an older newborn and slept like a champ during his session.  This little stunner was simply perfection during her newborn photography session.  She had a couple quick snack breaks but other than that she slept right through allowing for lots of great shots.   I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.  

Maternity to Newborn beautiful family| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Newborn & Family Photography

I photographed the M. family a few months ago and just recently V. asked me to photograph her maternity session and newborn baby.  I was honored to document the new addition to the family. Enjoy the sneak peek. 

Jacki G. Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, babies and family photography.  Please contact me for availabity.  

Look who turned ONE! |Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Newborn & Family photography

Baby Josiah is ONE!!  I cannot believe it's been a year since his newborn session.  I photographed his milestones, from newborn to just holding his head up to learning to sit on his own, to pulling himself to a standing position and now walking...sweet memories his parents will charish forever.  

Jacki G. Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity and family photography in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties.  Contact us for availability. 

ONLY a few spots left for FAll MINIs| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photographer


Book your fall family sessions NOW!!   This session will take 20 min.  you get 5 digital downloads plus the print release for $125!!   Nov. 5th  ONLY!  The location is the beautiful Tuckahoe Plantation,  the plantation has gorgeous gardens, and river views. 

I only have a few spots open.  

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Leave a comment below if interested.  Also email me. 


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Sweet J. turns ONE| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photography| Richmond, VA


I love one year olds. Love them. They are wild, free, and so much fun to photograph. They are dictated by mood and circumstance. He is handsome. He laughs with his whole self. He was a little sick on the day of the session but he gave me a lot of smiles.  


Meet Isabel 2 month baby girl| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photographer


Oh, Isabel,  Isabel was the sweetest 2 month old baby.  He age was something a little different for me,  typically the baby is either brand new or three moths old when they visit me in the studio but, oh my, did she show me how much fun it was to work with a two month old!  So sweet and alert and then....sleepy.  

Jacki G. Photography is a Maternity, Birth, Newborn and Family photographer based in Richmond, VA.  Would you like to book a baby session of your own?  Please contact me  Follow me on Facebook 



Jacob 2 yrs old | Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photographer| Richmond, VA


A little heart breaker in the making… Mommy and Daddy are going to have their hands full with this cutie.  Little Jacob is 2 yrs old and had me working hard to get those smiles.  

Selecting a Newborn Photographer| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photography| Richmond, VA

We found this article on, and thought it would be helpful to share with our readers. It provides very helpful recommendations for choosing the right newborn photographer for your family. Hope you enjoy!!

Congratulations! Expecting a child is undoubtedly the most exciting time in your life and you must have a million questions about newborn photography; what it is, how to hire a newborn photographer, where to find one, and what to look for. Well, this is the place for you! Lets start by highlighting a few questions that you might want to ask your potential newborn photographers, in hopes of narrowing down someone that is right for you!

1. Portfolio
Ask to see their portfolio, or just take some time and go through their website. Every newborn photographer has a different style and vision. Photography is a very personal experience, and regardless of trends or what is in ‘style’ make sure that you choose a photographer that’s right for you. Choose a newborn photographer whose work you can’t live without – that pulls on your heart strings, and speaks to you. This is a moment in time that you will never be able to get back – so take your time, find the photography style that you love, as these photographs will become a part of your family history for generations.

2. Testimonials & References
Once you have narrowed down your choices, why not ask for testimonials or references? As well as being a skilled photographer, the individual photographing your newborn will also be a caregiver for your infant during the 2-4 hour session, posing, soothing, and handling the most important and fragile person in your life.

3. Experience
Ask how long they have been in business, and what education they have. An experienced newborn photographer will know all of the industry secrets about posing, soothing and most importantly safety for your newborn. There are many workshops and newborn photography courses that are available for photographers that cover topics like safety and comfort of your child during the session – why not ask where they learned their skills from? This is an important question, and will help you decide if they are right fit for you.

4. Investment
This is the last thing we mention, for a reason. The investment of a newborn session differs from photographer to photographer, and where you live. Although cost is a factor and rightfully so, try not to make it the only factor.

These photographs will be in your family for generations, they will be shown again in 30 years time at your child’s wedding, then resurface when your child is expecting their own baby. When you hold these photographs in 35-40 years time, you will close your eyes and be able to recall everything about your child when they were newborns – their baby ‘smell’, the warmth of their bodies, their little fingers and toes. These photographs will not only serve as documentation – they will serve as food for your soul. Although cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Choose a professional newborn photographer that will provide you with stunning images that you can’t live without.

For more information on Newborn Photography and recommendations to make the most of your experience, please visit 


Family & Newborn Photography| Twins| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA


Just a few favorites from a recent “golden hour” session in Fork Union, VA These twin brothers had the best smiles EVER.  Their giggles were absolutely priceless, and we had so much fun playing together.  

Maddie is ONE!!| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photographer| Richmond, VA


We love capturing our newborn clients as they grow bigger in size… and personality! Always bittersweet when a baby's first year client comes to the end of one year session.  I've loved watching Maddie's personality grow.   One-year olds are such fun to photograph!  I prefer the outdoors setting for this age, as it offers plenty of room for them to crawl and toddle around.  Letting them to play naturally and explore their environment makes for great shots.

Conner 6 months old | Jacki G. Photography | Richmond, VA | Family & Newborn Photographer


Last week i was able to hang out with this lovely family again to capture Conner's 6 month milestone and some sibling photos.  I photographed Conner as a newborn and love when families come to see me again for their babies milestones.   Here is a sneak peek from my session with Conner. 

Ava 6 months old| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photographer| Richmond, VA


Here is beautiful Ava!!  I couldn't get over how beautiful she is.  I saw her 6 months ago when she was just a few days old and she has certainly grown into one of the most adorable little one's i've seen!!  She came in for a Valentine Mini session.   

Leven 9 months old | Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA | Family & Newborn Photographer


Are you ready for cuteness overload?! I had the honor of taking this little guy’s newborn pictures and look forward to seeing him grown with the grow with me package.   His mommy always comes prepared with the best outfits and accessories!! Baby Leven was so cute sitting in the red chair,  It was very cold that morning but he was a trooper.  

Maternity Photography by Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| VMFA| Family & Newborn Photography


Pregnant women are so beautiful. I love when families choose to document their pregnancy with a maternity photo session. Although Maternity sessions are booked as an add on to their Newborn sessions.  We captured some great images. Kim & Chris will be welcoming a sweet little girl into the world soon!  Little Ari is so excited to become the BIG SISTER! 

Want to book a maternity session? I’m based out of Richmond, VA  and maternity sessions begin at $200. contact me for more info and booking!