Best Year Yet| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photography| Richmond, VA


I still find it mind blowing when I look at all these beautiful babies from last year! 2017 was an amazing year for me and I got to meet so many amazing families and hear their stories. 

So last year I photographed over  65 newborn babies…..65…….I can’t believe it was that many! So many have been back already for their 6-8 month sitter sessions and so many booked in this year! I can’t wait to se everyone again. Newborn Photography is a passion that doesn’t fade with me. I find newborn babies so wonderful and mesmerising! They are each so different and it’s mind boggling that at sometimes just seven days old you can see their personalities emerging!

So here is to another busy year with my newborns – can’t wait to meet you all:)


Dini Family| Sunday park, Midlothian, VA | Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn Photography


I was so happy to be able to do a shoot for the fabulous Dini Family. I photographed her older son Adrian as a newborn and look at him now 4 yrs old.  He is a Big Brother and stole the show just a little bit.    I can’t even describe his energy to you other than I’m pretty sure he gets a lot of it from his mama ;). Abby has such an awesome aura about her,  she is caring, an advocate and just an amazing person.  I hope to photograph them again.