Favorites for the month of May & June| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photography

I wanted to take a minute and just say how absolutely grateful I am to wake up everyday to a career I am wholeheartedly in love with!  This job can definitely be exhausting, chasing toddlers, making all kinds of crazy noises to get a smile and posing babies who don't want to be posed.  It can be hot, sweaty, emotional, frustrating and overwhelming but i never tire of it.  It's mostly just hot and sweaty!  I never get sick of seeing the cutest baby butts, the longest lashes, cooing and giggles.  I never tire of capturing the most ADORABLE images of baby and swaddling.  I never get sick of the look on my clients faces when i show them the smile on their new baby's little face.  I never tire of hearing how much they adore their images and how they loved watching me pose their precious one.  I love the way babies smell, the sounds they make and their facial expressions.  I love when they sleep,  I love when they're awake and i love the images of a pouty, crying face.  Most of all, I love the face that people are choosing ME to capture such a special milestone in their lives.  That is the biggest compliment. 

Here are some recent favorites of mine from May and June.  


Pick a prop|Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA | Newborn & Family Photography

Preparing for your session: 

When planning a session, it helps to pick one main color that will be present in all the shots- then add complementary colors to the images to add a bit of interest and to compliment ( yes, i said complement...not over power) the images (or baby!) as a whole. 

The images below are a few of the props i have available for you to choose from.  I always try and to incorporate a prop into each session.  Take a look below to see the types of buckets, baskets and wreathes available to you during your session.  

Choosing  the color scheme and props involves a little planning and thinking about what the end goal will be.  Did you want a wall display? custom framed prints,  gallery wrapped canvases or an Heirloom album. Whatever your goal may be,  my goal as your photographer is to take the color scheme you would like and make beautiful images for you to display in your home.  


The wreath can be plane or decorated with flowers to suit your specific session.  The antique suitcase is very nice when posing newborns or older babies.  The curved bench is one of my favorite props to use.  If you wanted a nautical theme i have the boat for you. :) 

I have several baskets,  a curved wicker basket, a flatter longer basket and a brown crate all make for adorable props.  I also have a white birch tree truck for the winter months and a sling for a simple clean fresh in the womb feel. 

I have several baskets,  a curved wicker basket, a flatter longer basket and a brown crate all make for adorable props.  I also have a white birch tree truck for the winter months and a sling for a simple clean fresh in the womb feel. 


.  I have a few cream buckets to choose from one taller then the other,  an antique silver bucket as well as an antique wood bucket. 

For the all around little boy pose i have a dump truck to place baby in.  

For the all around little boy pose i have a dump truck to place baby in.  

Look who turned ONE!| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photographer

I’ve just loved watching Zoey grow over the last year. I’ve had the joy of seeing her in the studio/location every few months to capture all of her milestones! Her cake smash session was just the icing on the cake to top off the wonderful year we have had together.   Z. was not a fan of the cake but soon warmed up and had fun.  

cake smash

The "Froggy" posed explained| Jacki G. Photography| Newborn & Family Photographer| Richmond, VA

So in the ever growing world of newborn photography there are zillion poses and positions we photographers persuade our gorgeous models to wriggle into to achieve the cute images that are so popular, but there is one that seems to be the holy grail of many photographers...the frog pose.


lts a divisive pose, with some loving it, and some hating it. But whatever your opinion of it, there is one thing that is vital to remember. No baby can hold that pose on his own. Fact. So, great care must be taken to ensure no baby is harmed or upset when doing it. Personally, l refuse to accept the stance that in the right hands a baby will balance. l don't care.....no, l REALLY don't care! l don't care if you can get a baby to balance in the pose.....letting go is dangerous!

So how do l get the images l do without ever letting go? Well, firstly l needed to know l could be skilled enough in Photoshop to allow me to merge the necessary images together. Then l had to know l could persuade the baby to settle happily in the necessary position. l didn't even attempt the frog pose until l was over two years into my career. l was not prepared to ever try it until l could be sure l could do so safely.

Not every baby will do the frog pose. Part of doing it well and safely is developing the skills needed to know which will, and not trying it with those who wont. That all comes from reading each baby. They are all different, and a huge part of what l do involves getting to know them a little bit, and if l'm honest, loving them a little too. 

Once l think a baby will do it, l ask the parents if they'd like me to try. As l said, not everyone even likes the resulting image. l wouldn't ever do it without asking. So each time its done, the parents are helping or an assistant is helping hold the baby.  You will see that each frog pose l have done is of a baby happy, relaxed, comfortable and sound asleep. No matter what pose l do with a baby l am gently moving arms and legs, hands and fingers, gently moving and using lot of gentle motions to get baby to leave them where l want for the images. This pose is no different. l gently move baby until l am happy baby is relaxed and settled. lf l try and baby doesn't want to do it, l don't push it. That's totally ok, and sometimes l try and then don't get the pose, even though l thought baby would. 

Once baby is in position, l have my assistant or parent gently support baby with one hand and take the images. then they hold baby wrists with the other, moving the position of their  hand in between. They NEVER let go.  hands are on baby at ALL times. You can see the two images l take below, and how l then use them to create the finished image.

You can see that even as hands are  moved, baby remained totally relaxed and asleep. 

So, if you love the frog pose, and would like your photographer to do it for your baby, please don't be afraid to ask them if they do it as a COMPOSITE. They'll know what you mean. Ask them to show you images like the ones above. lts your baby. PLEASE don't assume that just because they claim to be safe that they are. 

The industry isn't regulated, and probably never will be, so its important that you know how to keep your baby safe during the session, and especially when doing this very clever, but very skilled pose. 

Fresh 48 session| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA | Newborn & Family Photographer

I'm a certified birth doula who transitioned into a full time newborn/ family photographer.  I love births and i love new babies.  I  have been wanting to photograph a newborn within the first few days of their arrival in the hospital setting for so long! I've now photographed over 20 births, but a Fresh 48 session is different because I arrive after baby is born, usually a day or two afterwards, and don't capture any of the labor or birth. The benefit of this is that new parents get to remember those early days through these images, without the sometimes scary idea of having a photographer actually attend your birth. I know that turns lots of dads - and moms - off, so this is a great compromise. Mom gets to ensure that she looks the way she wants for this session, the lighting is more predictable since it's not usually at night, and there's no bodily fluids involved in the final product!

I love birth photography so much, but I loved capturing this special time almost just as much! Here are some of my most favorite photos from meeting Y. for the first time.


Welcome to the world I. 17 days new| Jacki G. Photography| Newborn & Family Photography| Richmond, VA

Beautiful Newborn baby girl!  She was an older newborn and slept like a champ during his session.  This little stunner was simply perfection during her newborn photography session.  She had a couple quick snack breaks but other than that she slept right through allowing for lots of great shots.   I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.  

Welcome to the world W.| Jacki G. Photography| Newborn & Family Photography| Richmond, VA

My word what a beautiful baby boy!  He was such a good sleeper and made newborn photography look easy.  I'm completely in love with how his gallery turned out.  I hope you enjoy the sneak peek.  

Jacki G. Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, babies and family photography.  Please contact me for availability. 

Maternity to Newborn beautiful family| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Newborn & Family Photography

I photographed the M. family a few months ago and just recently V. asked me to photograph her maternity session and newborn baby.  I was honored to document the new addition to the family. Enjoy the sneak peek. 

Jacki G. Photography specializes in maternity, newborn, babies and family photography.  Please contact me for availabity.  

Double the fun| Jacki G. Photography| Family & Newborn photographer| Richmond, VA

How cute are these two ONE yr old twins.  They were just the cutest and loved their cake.  Enjoy the sneak peek.  Babies are such a blessings and having twins is double the miracle.  Enjoy the sneak peek.  

Look who turned ONE! |Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Newborn & Family photography

Baby Josiah is ONE!!  I cannot believe it's been a year since his newborn session.  I photographed his milestones, from newborn to just holding his head up to learning to sit on his own, to pulling himself to a standing position and now walking...sweet memories his parents will charish forever.  

Jacki G. Photography specializes in newborn, baby, maternity and family photography in Richmond, VA and surrounding counties.  Contact us for availability. 

Newborn Photographer| Jacki G. Photography|Richmond, VA| Newborn & Family Photography

This is one sweet newborn girl!  Just 9 days new and just a doll. Her big doggy sister was a great protector during her photo session.   This is such a lovely family,  I wish them all the happiness in the world.  

Now Booking SPrInG Mini sessions!!|Jacki G. Photography|Family & Newborn photographer|Richmond, VA


I don't know about you, but i'm ready for warmer weather!  Spring is right around the corner and so is SpRiNG Mini sessions! 

Dates:  April 15th 8 a.m.-10 a.m.  or 4 p.m.-6 p.m.   

Price:  $125 plus tax 

What does my session include? It's a 20 min. session. ( it can be families, babies **NOT NEWBORNS** kids, couples and Seniors.  You will receive 5 digital downloads. 

Photo shoot takes place at an outdoor location TBA.  

I will also have April 22nd for Studio Spring Mini sessions.   Times 10-2 pm.  These sessions take 20 min.  At my home studio.  

Please leave a comment if you would like to book a session or send me an email. 

Teddy is 6months old| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photography


Teddy has grown so much since his newborn session. HIs Big brother, Andrew was such a great helper during our session.  He helped make Teddy smile and was such a good listener.  I love newborn sessions. I love baby sessions, but what I really love is the privilege of watching them grow up in front of my lens. These boys. This family. I adore them

ONLY a few spots left for FAll MINIs| Jacki G. Photography| Richmond, VA| Family & Newborn Photographer


Book your fall family sessions NOW!!   This session will take 20 min.  you get 5 digital downloads plus the print release for $125!!   Nov. 5th  ONLY!  The location is the beautiful Tuckahoe Plantation,  the plantation has gorgeous gardens, and river views. 

I only have a few spots open.  

7:40 a.m.

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4:30 p.m.

Leave a comment below if interested.  Also email me. 


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Little R. turned 2 yrs old| Jacki G. Photography| Meadow Farm| Family & Newborn Photographer| Richmond, VA


You know that poem that describes girls as sugar and spice, and boys as snails and puppy dog tails?  R. is aaaalllll boy!!  His session was so much fun- he was full of personality.  With fists full of cars and dirty feet from running and playing, it was exactly the way a 2 yr old boys session should go.  We had a blast.  He was fun, energetic and perfectly two!